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New Product Line for Companion Animals - MWI Announced Pet Mate Line in Tokyo, Japan.

Mushroom Wisdom, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary company in Japan, Sun Medica Co., Ltd., launched a new line "Pet Mate", a high quality dietary supplement products for companion animals for the retail market.  This new line starts with 6 products targeting popular health disorders such as arthritis, dementia, skin/eye problems.* They contain already established  popular ingredients combined with the original ingredients that MWI has developed and well known in both Japan and US markets.

This line was introduced during the 30th Tokyo Health Industry Show at Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Japan. It is known as one of the biggest health exhibitions in Japan and believed more than 38,800 people visited there during the show. This line has drawn big attention from distributors and retailers in the market as the concept of dietary supplements for pets is still new while the extensive 6 products have launched at the same time. This line is only available in Japan.

Sun Medica also exhibited its flagship products, Maitake D-Fraction®, Amyloban®3399, SX-Fraction® and Herb Craft® tea line.

Last year a researcher team led by Dr. Gabriela Balough, Ph.D of Centro Cientifico Technologico-Argentina  confirmed that D-Fraction induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) by triggering expression of the BAK-1 gene.* In February 2012, Dr. Balough had a seminar in Japan entitled gMost Recent Study on Nutrigenomic Agent for unhealthy cellsh .

Epigenetics is a popular subject to discuss in Japan. People now realize that a new era has come where research and development should target specific gene activities and its pathway for induction of apoptosis.*


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